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The SPAN element is an inline grouping element similar to the DIV element (except the DIV is used to create a block-level grouping.) By inline, we mean that the SPAN element doesn't create a line break before and after the grouping. With a SPAN element, you can apply styles and create a named grouping of HTML statements for referencing in javascript.

An end tag is required for this element.


Attribute Description
ID Identifies this tag to reference in script (program code)
CLASS Define the class used to render this element (defined by a style sheet)
TITLE A title that is associated with the element (displayed as a tooltip in Internet Explorer)
STYLE Defines an inline style for this element. SPAN elements are often used to apply special formatting to HTML content.
ALIGN Defines an alignment for the HTML content contained with the SPAN element. This may be one of the following: "left", "right" or "center"


<SPAN STYLE="font-weight: bold; color: #ff0000">
Warning! Red text shouldn't be ignored!

Renders As:

Warning! Red text shouldn't be ignored!


HTML 4.01
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