The Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur

I just got done reading this article about a startup that originated in India, but now has offices in Silicon Valley. This marks the beginning of a trend in Internet startups coming from outside of the United States. The low cost of labor plus an abundance of smart entrepreneurs poses a mounting threat to the [...]

Search Engine Marketing

I’ve added a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) page to this blog which contains a number of useful links for startups that are looking to promote their business.  This page will grow in the future to include more and more information.  I hope this information is useful for others like me who make their living from [...]

Welcome to Our New Blog

Here’s the obligatory “First Post” for the new Orvado Web Development blog.  To learn more about me (your humble editor), our company and what we do, please click on the “About Us” link.  This blog will cover topics about web development, search engine marketing, entrepreneurship, and running a small business. This blog was started by [...]